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Leadership, Uncluttering, and Your Worst Enemy…

Posted by balanceiskey on April 20, 2009

Another week has gone by, and with another week comes another interesting list of posts that you should check out in your spare time.

Here are 5 articles worth reading for the week ending Sunday, 19/04.


2 Responses to “Leadership, Uncluttering, and Your Worst Enemy…”

  1. Hamza said

    Cheers, yeah I figured you’d enjoy that uncluttering one ;) Just checked out your flickr photostream, wow…some incredible shots.

  2. Mush said

    Thanks, Hamza! These are great. I really liked the tips on uncluttering – you know i am a big fan of uncluttering :) And the concept of social proof is interesting too.
    Please keep it up.

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